The Most Advanced AIO Bot

For Supreme, Shopify and Nike



Our AIO bot includes many features to provide you with the best experience.

Blazing fast

RocketCop uses the latest technologies to provide the best performance and checkout your desired items within seconds.

Multiple tasks

No task Limits. Our bot uses a scalable task runner system that allows you to run an infinite number of tasks simultaneously.

Captcha support

RocketCop includes a captcha harvester to increase checkout speeds.

Web Dashboard

Manage your tasks, profiles and proxies anywhere through the RocketCop Dashboard.

Other features includes

  • Restock monitor
  • Proxy support
  • Success monitor
  • One-click captchas
  • Request mode for nearly instant checkout on Supreme
  • Drop list for Supreme
  • Nike Account Creator (full-package only)
  • Custom shopify sites (full-package only)

Captcha Harvester

No need to worry about captchas anymore with our integrated captcha harvester.

You can harvest captchas manually or request a captcha from Anticaptcha using your api key.

  • Gmail and youtube login for One click captchas

  • Proxy support for harvesters

  • Supreme and Shopify captchas

Captcha Harvester

Integrated Supreme Restock Monitor

Get notified in real time when a new product drops or goes back in stock.

Product Monitor
  • Fast

    Our restock monitor is one of the fastest product monitor with the ability to catch restocks at an interval of 2 seconds.

  • Task-controllable

    RocketCop allows you to setup tasks that will automatically run whenever a restock happens.

  • Multi-countries

    Our monitor currently supports US and EU Supreme shops, you also have the ability to monitor both shops at the same time.

Works Anywhere

RocketCop is built exclusively using cross platform technologies and is compatible with the following platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux (Soon)